Saturday, June 4, 2011

it's my birthday too

I'm celebrating today!

On June 4, 1968, my husband was born.

He was the gift given to me for my very first birthday. 
Not for my 1st birthday, but for the very day I was born.

You see, my husband was created for me.
It makes perfect sense.

I was an October baby, 
the 6th to be exact, 
and if you count nine months forward from October you come to July.
Which doesn't quite equate to the month he was born.
Aww, but my husband was born premature, a month early.

A gift from God, a gift for me.

A husband.
A best friend.
A lover.
A leader.
A listener.
A father.
A good man.

I celebrate his special day. 
Fresh, hot, creamy coffee, 
a donut cake stacked high, 
chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles, of course, 
topped with a candle {our family tradition}
presented with a sweet morning birthday song, 
sung by his three favorite girls, 
then a night on the town
{just the two of us}
to steal away alone.

I celebrate his special day with joy and deep gratitude, which technically is my special day too.
Fourty-three of them, 
I've counted, 
my gift since the day he was born.

Today, I celebrate God's beautiful plan, 
a boy made for a girl made for a boy;

Happy Birthday my precious gift, 
my Husband, 
my Friend.

I love you, Rick,
and I thank God for you!

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  1. what a beautiful tribute...happy you both! I know God will bless your day abundantly.