Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Open Letter to Me

ear Child,

I AM the light. 
I AM the way. 
I AM the truth. 

You can trust this more than you can trust your next breath.
I light the way for you, not by showing you where you are going, but by being the way for you.
You and I, our wills, our plans, our destinations, and desires may very well be the same. I AM happy to reveal to you My perfect plans and desires for your life. And I AM pleased when you trust Me with My choices in all circumstances. 
The problem is, My precious little Child, you want to know how, when, why, where, and when My choices for will happen. 
I understand.
This is your nature, a part of character right now. You want to be prepared, and this is good. But, you also want to be in control, and this is not good-this is not My way.
If I tell you every detail of My will, every step in My plans, and every road for which you must take, you may not agree with My way, you may not want to follow, you may not want to go with Me all the way. 

My will for you is all things means full investment. 
In these things, your flesh is not willing to give Me.

My way for you is a journey. 
Sometimes hard. 
Sometimes painful.
And you may not agree with the roads we must take or the length they may require; you grow weary and bored and discontent just at the thought of seemingly monotonous scenery and exhausting terrain you may need to endure. Because of this I must keep My plans to Myself much of the time. But, please be assured, it is I who goes the distance for you.
If you let Me.

You can trust that I will never have you go places I've not gone before you and I will never ask you to do anything that I've not arranged ahead of time. And you can trust that I AM with you. You can do this because I've given you My Spirit to do so. 

My dear One, you call Me your Immanuel. Do you believe this?

If you believe with all your heart, your mind, and soul, and strength that I AM God, the Mighty Creator of the heavens and the earth, of life and love, that I AM Sovereign over all things, and that I love you enough to die for you, then you can trust Me when I ask you to follow Me with your eyes closed. I will not allow you to stumble or fall as long as you abide in Me. As long as you walk in Me. If you don't you may get ahead of Me because your natural eyes see an "Emerald City" in the distance. You are easily distracted by and swayed toward pretty things. These things take your eyes off Me and this hurts Me; because you call Me "Beautiful".

Just as well, you may fall behind, far behind, and lose your way (My way), because you tend to put your trust in your own energy and strength to keep up with Me. 

My beloved, I urge you to resist the temptation to move ahead of Me or to try to keep up in your own strength. Once again, I have given you My Spirit to be still and quiet when need be, and His power to make you stand up, step out and move forward when I say. I have also made available to you My wisdom to know the difference. I AM your Master, I AM your Guide, I AM your Rock, I AM your LORD. I AM your God.

What prevents you from abiding in this truth? 
What prevents you from allowing Me to be in charge? What causes you to question My course? To not trust Me?

Submit to Me, O Child of Mine. You have nothing to lose,  except your way.

I love you,

"I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people." Hebrews 8:20

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