Sunday, February 27, 2011

new mercy

Frustration, pain, disappointment, hurt.
Dishonesty creates hard things.

Weary head rests upon midnight pillow.
I thank God for this trouble. I know it is good.

Trust chipped, tears flood.
The Lord redeems what was meant for evil.
His love covers.
His compassion abounds.

A new dawn births new mercy.
Young, softened heart speaks godly sorrows.

Craving comfort, Spirit's consolation.
Brought back to rightness by Love's sovereignty, rapids flow;
Pours down tender, bairn cheeks.

Thankful in all things, goodness surely follows.

I am grateful, once again, for hard things.

In expectancy, I will wait for Him to repair damaged things.
Love's Mighty Redeemer, restores all.

Holy thanksgiving creates holy abundance.

What was devised for evil, God devises for good, in order to save and bring forth new life.

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