Friday, February 11, 2011


Cold nights are best where two warm hearts commune, 
Intertwined submission and Love's fire resounds.  
His holy marriage bed is blessed with goodness.

I reach through still darkness, hand gently settles upon your back.
Warm strength secures my rest.
Planted firm in Gods plan, Grace whispers Love's message in my ear.

I hear it.
I feel it.
I know it.

Quiet countenance remains.

Steadfast and confident, renewed by the Master's sweet kiss, 
Mercy rains down, 

My heart prepares humble words of gratitude, 
Fragile and pure spread across my palms.
Raised up in trust and sweetest praise, 
He takes them, they are His,
Grace abounds.

He makes new, the days of sorrow and pain; our struggle is His refine.
His breath restores years eaten by locusts- 
His promise, covenant divine.
We enter in.

Peace replaced, broken rebuilt, Love's foundation the rock for three souls. 
Long-suffering, your example, Faithful, your tender offering,
Made perfect by the Potter's hand.

I rest in your quiet presence, 
Slow breath and silent night, 
Good husband, my blessing, my honor- simply a privileged wife. 

I am led into kindness by the hand of sweet Jesus, 
Wrapped in peace,
Here, is my home.

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