Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I Wonder if he Knows Jesus"

I know of a certain man who often walks the streets of a neighborhood nearby.

This certain man, a curious fellow really, equally tall as he is thin, unhurriedly gaits the dependable concrete path set before him. His constant white, long-sleeve dress shirt and dark trousers cause me to estimate the nature of his character to be that of an "old school" gentleman. I'm guessing he is well into his years, although we've yet to meet. A pair of sturdy rimmed glasses frame a placid, reserved countenance; his complexion, a rich brown, from seemingly long sunny strolls and a foreign descent. He carries with him as he walks, just one simple thing-- an expression of poised solitude, in his eyes and his step.

He walks always,

I am intrigued by the presence of this certain man, I find I now anticipate seeing this gentle landmark. Daily, I drive my usual route, and sometimes more than twice, with hopes to encounter "the man who walks" and possibly catch his eye.

I have tucked away within my heart a special new prayer today.
It's rather odd, yes, some might think, to desire this chance to touch lives with a stranger,  His divine opportunity.

I want to meet him, this certain man who walks for no other reason but to share a great love.
I want an exchange of smile, maybe a handshake and a name;
I want to know where he's going, perhaps which way he came.
I wonder if he gets tired or thirsty on hot afternoons,
I wonder if he has family at home or is he alone most of his days.

I wonder if he knows he is deeply loved, I wonder if he's ever been told,
That another certain man died for him, the god-man who shed sinless blood.
I wonder if he knows Jesus,
I wonder if he is free,
I wonder if he knows true salvation,
his sin paid for on a tree.

I want to tell him Christ lives today,
That He is risen from the dead;
I want to tell him he is deeply loved
By the Maker of woman and man.

I want to meet this certain man, for a glory with which is not mine,
My heart is to introduce him to the gift of divine love,
The Light, the Bread, the Vine.

"For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being
saved and among those who are perishing;" 2 Corinthians 2:15

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